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VOLUME 83, NO. 1—January, February, March 2019


5 Digest Donors    
6 Café    
8 Calling All Paphiophiles   Harold Koopowitz
12 The Orchids of the Hawaiian Islands  

Carol Siegel

24 Steveniella and Christian Von Steven  

Rudolf Jenny

30 Growing Vanda (Neofinetia) falcata: An Interview With Satomi Kasahara  

Phyllis Pestia

36 Is a Pot Just a Pot?  

Cindy Coty

41 Oeceoclades splendida, A New Species from Madagascar 
(Epidendroideae, Cymbidieae, Eulophiinae, Orchidaceae)

Harold Koopowitz
and Phillip Cribb

46 Vacation Time for Orchids: A Dry Winter Rest   Compiled by Ed Lysek and Sandra Svoboda
54 Dealing with CITES   Roddy Gabel
60 Book Review — Orchids of Maharashtra. Botanical Survey of India by J.S. Jalal   Daniel L. Geiger
61 Book Review — The Paphinia Book by Rudolf Jenny   Franco Pupulin
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